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Dog Allergies

Dog skin problems can wreck havoc on your dog’s skin and on your nerves. Watching your beloved dog scratch, lick and chew on themselves in obvious pain and discomfort can be heartbreaking. In this short article, we will take a closer look at common dog skin problems and then I will direct you to some resources that will help you solve common, dog skin problems.

The most common dog skin problems occur as a result of allergies, fungi, mange, mites, flees and dry skin. Most of these conditions can be easily treated, while others may be a result of a dangerous underlying condition.

One dog skin problem that most owners are familiar with, is seasonal, environmental and dietary allergies. Food allergies can occur when you introduce a new type of food or diet plan to your dog or when he/she has simply built up an intolerance to foods that they have normally tolerated very well.

Allergies in dogs are often times only seasonal. Simply being observant will clue you in to the time of year your dog suffers from allergies the most. During these seasons, simply be proactive. Visit your veterinarian and come up with a plan to combat whatever your dog is allergic to, before your dog begins having problems.

Simple Tips to Combat Dog Skin Problems:

1. If your dog’s skin problems are due to food allergies, than talk to your vet about introducing a digestive enzyme into their diet. You may even want to begin to make your dog homemade meals and snacks, or at least purchase natural, pre-made dog food.

2. If you are unsure about the cause of your dog skin problems or how to treat it, than find a cheap notebook, or a sheet of paper and write down your dog’s symptoms, when they seem to suffer the most and what any outbreaks look like. Take this to your veterinarian. Your vet should be able to help you come up with a solution.

You can also research various dog skin problems, symptoms and their possible treatment options online or you can speak with other dog owners. They are apt to have some similar experiences.

You can also find great tips and information concerning dog skin problems at: