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Danger In Dust Mite

Dust mites are a microscopic relative of spiders that live in our furniture and carpet. They thrive in our bedrooms because of the heat and warmth we give off. Dust mites feed off our dead skin cells. Unfortunately their droppings have a protein that many people are allergic to. Dust Mite does most of their attacking at night while you are asleep.

Studies show that over 45% of homes in the United States have concentrations of dust mites that are considered to be dangerous enough to cause asthmatic conditions. Ten percent of American today have asthma which is the leading cause of children missing school. Dust mites are possible the number one cause of asthma problems in the home.

Dust mite live about six weeks and female dust mites lay between 60 to 80 eggs during their lifetime. Dust mites have no natural predator so they just keep multiplying. A full size mattress has approximately two million dust mites in it. In one gram of dust from a carpet, a little over 10,000 mites were found. Old pillow may have as much as 10% of their weight made up of dead dust mites and droppings. Makes you think, huh?

Walk into a dusty room and one is bound to sneeze. It is probably the mildest form of allergic reaction to dust. People with pre-disposed ailments rhinitis, also known as hay fever, will react more severely to dusty conditions. Sometimes a fairly clean environment can also trigger off allergic reactions. It is simply because there are house mites dead and alive, present in the environment. According to Dr M. Nadchatram, the former head of studying sticks and mites division at the Institute mites are hardly visible to the naked eye. They are white in color and are not parasitic.

Although the existence of mites was discovered centuries ago, the relationship between mites and house dust allergies was only established in 1964 by western and Japanese. They found that mites were responsible for triggering off bronchial asthma allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis and other allergic related ailments like sinusitis. "Today, allergies caused by house dust are regarded as the most important after pollen induced allergies. Eighty percent of house dust allergies are said to be mite-induced," says Dr Nadchatram. In Malaysia, the skin clinic of the General Hospital have been conducting joint research on house dust mites and its association with respiratory allergies. Dr Nadchatram himself has been actively involved in research related to house dust mites not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore when he was lecturing at the National University of Singapore and then in Hawaii where he went to do his research fellowship in studying sticks and mites.

Studies have shown that the infestation level of mites is higher in the tropical region. The tropical climate has no sudden temperature changes and is humid - these two factors are favorable for mites, enabling them to live longer and reproduce on a larger scale. Can effective housekeeping reduce the mites' population? One important factor to remember is that both dead and live mites are allergenic.

Regular vacuuming is strongly recommended. Air conditioning the bed room is also important in controlling the mites' population. "Sweeping is not effective in removing fine particles of dust which include mite eggs and faeces." says Dr Nadchatram. "Sweeping actually causes the mites to be air bone and tribute within the house." Therefore, sweeping should be followed by mopping the floor with a detergent or vacuuming. "One other effective way of eliminating house mites is by employing in the age old practice of sunning carpets, bed linen and mattresses followed all dust containing dust mites."

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By keeping to these methods, housewife would be keeping dust and mites at bay.

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