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Common Allergies And Symptoms

At some point in our lives, we're all affected by the pain in the butt infection known as pink eye or conjunctivitis. This annoying infection may be hard to identify without knowing some of the more common pink eye symptoms. Most of the time, a viral infection is to blame for your case of conjunctivitis. Viral pink eye symptoms include a watery discharge, and usually comes with the symptoms of a cold. Your eyelids will probably be swollen and extremely sensitive to light.

Another common type of pink eye is bacterial conjunctivitis. The pink eye symptoms associated with this bacterial infection include: heavy discharge that usually accumulates during sleep, discharge that is yellow or green in color, soreness and sensitivity in the eye area, and lots of redness in white of your eye.

People who suffer from allergies may also suffer from a case of non-infectious pink eye. This usually means that their allergies cause pink eye symptoms like eye sensitivity, itchiness, swelling, and a red/pink color in the eye. If you suffer from allergies and experience symptoms like these, chances are that your allergies are causing this, and the pink eye will disappear when your allergies calm down.

Non-infectious pink eye does not need to be treated unless it's really bothering you. If the allergies are interfering with your life, be sure to see your doctor to discuss these problems. Infectious pink eye, on the other hand, need to be treated right away to prevent blindness and other eye problems. You can use a home remedy, or you can see your doctor who will most likely prescribe some eye drops and maybe even an antibiotic to you.

Learning about pink eye symptoms and treatment is a must if you care about your health.

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